"Cigars are no longer just for the seasoned smoker.      They have become a staple in society for rookies and veterans alike,        representing an air of character, class and pleasure. Whether it's a          satisfying smoke after dinner, during a round of golf, or out at the          bar for drinks, cigars are the perfect complement to your lifestyle        because that is exactly what defines cigar smoking:      -- your lifestyle. Welcome to the good life!"
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Selecting a Good Cuban Cigar

The process of selecting a Cuban cigar that suits your taste starts with an examination of your preferences, as there are hundreds of Cuban cigars available.

The body

The first thing to consider is what type of bodied cigar you are looking for. From mild or medium to full, the overall strength should be tasty while not overwhelming on your palate.

The cigar size

The next thing to consider is size. The size of a Cuban cigar has some effect on the flavor, but should be factored in from a time standpoint more than anything. For example, a Cuban cigar for the golf course can be up to seven inches and be perfect because you will have a couple of hours to work your way through it. However, if you were short on time, a five-inch Cuban cigar with a smaller diameter would suit you more for a quick smoke after lunch.

When discussing cigar sizes, two things are taken into consideration. The first is the length and the second is the "ring" which is the measurement of the diameter. The "ring" unit of measurement refers to 1/60th of an inch. For instance, a corona that is typically 5.5 x 42 means that the cigar measures 5.5 inches in length and 42/60ths of an inch in diameter.

The cigar rating

Further, whenever you are reading or discussing Cuban cigars, a cigar rating (0 - 100) will most definitely come up in the conversation. This rating is a system that was designed and is used by Cigar Aficionado magazine. So before you head out to a Cuban cigar shop, find out how to select a quality cigar.

The ratings breakdown is as follows:

  • Rating Quality
  • Below 70 Don't waste your money
  • 70-79 Average to good commercial quality
  • 80-89 Very good to excellent
  • 90-94 Outstanding
  • 95-100 Classic

"While everyone's Cuban cigar preferences and tastes are different, there are certain qualities a Cuban cigar has that make it superior to others." explains Alex Svenson, an aficionado in the industry. "To arrive at these ratings, one must consider such factors as the Cuban cigar's appearance, construction, and the way it smokes. Another central factor in rating a Cuban cigar is its aromas or flavors and the balance of these various competing aromas that give the cigar its overall taste." Alex is a younger smoker and professional who is very in tune with the most recent trends in cigar smoking.